Spring is Here with the Strawberry Sunset

a photo of cold drink strawberry sunset in a cup

Sweet Strawberry meets Tangy Passion Fruit

If you’re anything like me, you’re also looking forward to those joyful spring days. Light breezes brushing against our skin, music blasting, beautiful flowers blossoming… bring it on!

With longer days right around the corner, we’re all looking for our new favorite beverage that has the right kick. When I picture myself with my picnic basket and straw hat in my left hand, the drink I want in my right hand is none other than the Strawberry Sunset from 7 Leaves Cafe.

Made with rooibos tea, fresh passion fruit juice, and even infused with real strawberry and apple bits, the Strawberry Sunset encompasses bold and refreshing flavors made with all natural ingredients.

The Strawberry Sunset was affectionately dubbed by fans— isn’t that name awesome?! This invigorating drink is the perfect blend of the popular Strawberry Hibiscus and Sunset Passion, and has continuously been a best seller for its quality and enchanting light taste.

This not-so-secret secret menu item is a favorite across all 7 Leaves Cafe stores that can be enjoyed by everyone! It is non-caffeinated, making it excellent for children and adults alike. That sweetness from the strawberries mixed with the tart passion fruit creates a taste palette just bursting with flavor. It is the ultimate sipping experience.

At last, the long winter is finally over. It’s time to relax as warmer days approach. So drive with the windows down, take an evening stroll, bike with the wind in your hair… just get out there! And as you pass by your local 7 Leaves Cafe, just remember: the Strawberry Sunset is waiting for YOU!