Capturing the Photographer Behind the Strawberry Sunset

a photo of the photographer behind the strawberry sunset, sarai mp

21-year-old Sarai MP: Student and Photographer

In the 7 Leaves Cafe universe, there is no shortage of creative talent. Artists and writers and photographers and designers pool together to bring the bold Vietnamese Iced Coffee, the creamy Mung Bean Milk Tea, or the refreshing Strawberry Sunset to life in the form of art.

I recently had the privilege of speaking with the young woman who beautifully captured the Strawberry Sunset. Professionally known as Sarai MP, the 21-year-old photographer found a love for the art at the youthful age of 12. “I started by using my mom’s phone because it was interesting capturing a moment or a memory that would forever be still and frozen in time,” Sarai recalls. After always running around with her mom’s phone, Sarai was gifted with her first camera, helping her develop her skills in the hobby.

As Sarai grew older, she began to experiment with different types of photography, ranging from portraits to still life, until she found a passion through studio photography specializing in products. She was guided into this specialty by a professor at California State University Fullerton, where Sarai is a 4th year student studying creative photography and marketing.

After several years of practice in this style, Sarai has found her calling. She says, “Not only is it something I love, but it’s something that takes teamwork with not just myself, as the creator, but with the brands and creative teams with their own initial ideas.”

Sarai has been an avid 7 Leaves Cafe fan and loyal customer for the last four years, particularly favoring the tangy Sunset Passion juice, and was seeking an opportunity to expand her portfolio while also working with a brand she loves. Luckily, the team behind 7 Leaves Cafe is always looking for ways to collaborate with bright minds, and it’s no surprise that a brilliant talent like Sarai MP was partnered with to highlight the best spring drink of the year. Her photos made me wish I had the Strawberry Sunset in my hand, too!

Sarai fondly shares her experience with capturing the Strawberry Sunset: “I was so happy and nervous, but it was a great experience collaborating with the 7 Leaves team to bring their vision of the product to life! The process of shooting Strawberry Sunset was a combination of working together with the brand teams to figure out the thumbnail sketches, colors, props for the shoot, and shooting the product itself.”

So does the Strawberry Sunset taste as good as it looks on camera? Sarai certainly thinks so! She describes the sweet, tart beverage as “perfect for anyone who wants a drink that’s fruity and non-caffeinated.” I’ve been drooling over the Strawberry Sunset photos since the interview started. I’m already buckling up and heading toward the nearest 7 Leaves Cafe with Sarai MP. Count us in!