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"To enrich and embrace the human experience through our commitment to serve the very best coffee, tea, and goodness in every cup, in every community. "

Summer Mint ™

The essence of summertime is encapsulated in the form of our newest drink — the Summer Mint. Taking inspiration from simple, yet delicious green tea drinks sold by street vendors across Vietnam, the base of the Summer Mint is our special in-house green tea infused with lotus flowers mixed with real passion fruit juice. Now add in fresh mint and a slice of orange, and there you have it — a light, refreshing medley of flavors working in unison to create the Summer Mint. Now available at all 7 Leaves Café locations!

Brookhurst Store Is Here!

7 Leaves Cafe is headed home! In 2012, our first location opened its door to Little Saigon and with the continued love and support from the community, we have grown into the company that we are today. After our six years of venturing out of our hometown to learn and fine tune our craft, it is time for us to head back and make Little Saigon proud. This brand new 7 Leaves Cafe Drive Thru is located in the intersection of Brookhurst Street and McFadden Avenue, right in the epicenter of Little Saigon.