Japanese Matcha and Soy, Nature's Wellness Unfold

Matcha is known today as the healthiest, rarest and most premium of all tea varieties from Japan. For over 800 years, Zen Buddhist monks have been using Matcha green for meditation purposes. It is extremely exquisite with only a few dozen farmers having the required knowledge to produce it, and we are proud to source our Matcha from such master tea farmers. There is no other fruit or vegetable in the world that provides more antioxidants than Matcha. It is literally the healthiest drink nature has to offer.
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A century of perfection

Café Sua Da reigns supreme as a global sensation! Our House Coffee embodies the essence of authentic Vietnamese java. Renowned for its velvety nutty notes and a taste that's truly unique, it's a sip of history.
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Essence of Japan in Every Sip

Discover the heart of Japanese tea culture with our exquisite Matcha tea, sourced from the lush Minamikushu mountains. Handpicked with precision using the traditional 'tezumi' technique, our teas are the epitome of artisanal perfection. Join us in savoring the world's finest high-quality Matcha, a true testament to the dedication and craftsmanship of Japan's tea artisans.
The Healthiest Drink Nature Has to Offer



"To enrich the human experience by serving the very best coffee, tea and goodness in every cup, every community."

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Embrace the allure of timeless classics. Our best seller drinks, from the beloved House Special to the invigorating Sea Cream Jasmine Tea, offer a symphony of flavors that stand the test of time. Savor the magic and fall in love with the artistry in every cup.

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