Why Offer an Alternative to Plastic.

Bamboo straws are entirely bio-degradable and are a great alternative option to help reduce plastic waste. We are offering the bamboo straws to our customers as a step towards the collective effort of being more eco-friendly. For our customers that want to go above and beyond, we also offer reusable metal straws! The change starts with you!

Bamboo straws degradation in dirt time stamp

Bamboo straws after 4 months of degradation

How long has 7 Leaves Cafe been researching this?

When striving to “Be The Change,” we want to make sure every action we take is careful and well thought out. We’ve been researching an alternative to plastic straws for several years and technology at the time did not offer us an adequate solution, until now. Finally, we’ve found the Bamboo Fiber Straw to offer to our customers which upholds our high standards in quality.

Bamboo Straws out of box

Why bamboo, not paper?

  • Works great with hot drinks

  • No paper flavor

  • No paper glue ingestion

  • Does not fall apart

  • Won't collapse under pressure

Only Available for Selected Stores: Alhambra and Irvine Locations*