Los Angeles Times article: The ‘Vietnamese American Starbucks’ unites four brothers whose drive stems from early poverty

Sonny Nguyen, stands outside 7 leaves cafe garden grove

In 2012, the Nguyen brothers secretly opened their first 7 Leaves coffee shop, fearing disappointment from their Vietnamese immigrant parents. Today, with 22 locations and over 1 million drinks served quarterly, they aim to create a Vietnamese American version of a ubiquitous coffeehouse chain, inspired by Starbucks. Their journey from a cramped life to entrepreneurial success reflects their unity and togetherness as a family.

Spreading Joy, One Cup At A Time: 7 Leaves Cafe’s Newton Hoang

a photo of Newton Hoang, the Director & IT of 7 leaves cafe

Tune in to this enlightening episode as Newton Hoang Hoang shares his insights on finding happiness in unexpected places, celebrating life’s triumphs, and the transformative power of embracing change. So grab your favorite cup of coffee, sit back, and let Newton’s story remind you that happiness is indeed a treasure worth cherishing, one cup at a time.

Capturing the Photographer Behind the Strawberry Sunset

a photo of the photographer behind the strawberry sunset, sarai mp

Sarai has been an avid 7 Leaves Cafe fan and loyal customer for the last four years, particularly favoring the tangy Sunset Passion juice, and was seeking an opportunity to expand her portfolio while also working with a brand she loves

Spring is Here with the Strawberry Sunset

a photo of cold drink strawberry sunset in a cup

This not-so-secret secret menu item is a favorite across all 7 Leaves Cafe stores that can be enjoyed by everyone! It is non-caffeinated, making it excellent for children and adults alike. That sweetness from the strawberries mixed with the tart passion fruit creates a taste palette just bursting with flavor.