Perfectly Crafted Macarons

An extremely delicate French confection dating back to the seventeen hundred's, our handmade macarons are baked in-house to perfection using an original recipe. These bright and colorful almond cookies are filled with various ganache filling, giving each macaron its own taste profile. They are a perfect complement to a delicious hot cup of coffee, or with a friend.

Meet Our Chef

Meet David, our scientist turned baker. With a PhD in microbiolgy and immunology, he has spent the majority of his life in research. He has taken the skills learned in the lab and applied them to baking. From searching for a cure for cancer to finding a cure for your sweeth tooth, David is our in-house macaron chef responsible for producing our fresh delicious cookies.


Earl Grey
Green Tea
Rose Water
Salted Caramel

* Flavor and product availability may vary by location
** If you have any allergies, please let us know. Common allergens: nuts, eggs

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