Our Store

While most people come to enjoy our drinks, we try to enhance that experience with the warm and welcoming ambiance of our store.  We focus on using natural elements to remind ourselves of our connection with the Earth, without sacrificing modern style. Our linear setup helps us maintain a simplistic, yet, clean and attractive design. We arrange our seating to cater to the community’s needs; whether it be to study or meet up with friends.

Our Community Library

Historically, cafes have been birthplaces of inspiring ideas and movements because of their ability to bring people together. We fully understand that vital role our stores can play within the communities we serve, especially in our contemporary fast-paced lives. That is why at 7 Leaves we model our stores with a purposeful “communal design.” Incorporated into that design is a “Community Library” of free books supplied by and for our customers. To leave a book is to share what you have found to be insightful information and pass along to others what you have gained from a particular book.  We hope that by allowing members of our community to share their favorite books with the rest of us, we are able to share the lessons and knowledge we’ve learned through literature and pass on the ideals and imaginations of what has enlightened readers all around.

Our Community Printer

At 7 Leaves, we recognize that many customers utilize our cafes as an environment to study or work outside of the office. With this in mind, we realize that we could benefit our community, and “be the change” through taking on this responsibility to supply our customers with a printer. This community printer does not require payment, instead it relies on user donations to supply the paper and ink. This act reflects on the mutual trust we have with our customers: that while we do not expect donations, our customers understand and appreciate our efforts by giving back to sustain this need.